Oskar Schlemmer | Triadic Ballet designs

Berlin’s Akademie der Künste, currently hosting an exhibition of Gisèle Freund‘s portrait photography, this weekend reaches even further back into Germany’s 20th century avant-garde history with their revival of Das triadsiche Ballett (“The Triadic Ballet”). A dance piece conceived in 1922 by Oskar Schlemmer to music by Paul Hindemith, it represented an attempt to merge bodies in motion with the geometric aesthetic of Bauhaus, of which Schlemmer was a member. The first five images, Schlemmer’s original costume designs, are followed by early performance stills. 

Triadic Ballet 1
Triadic Ballet 2
Triadic Ballet 3
Triadic Ballet 4
Triadic Ballet 5
Triadic Ballet 6
Triadic Ballet 7
Triadic Ballet 8
Triadic Ballet 9
Triadic Ballet 10

Further reading
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    Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet Costume Design

  2. Another wonderful archive this one really stuns me, with my latest daughter ( me at 75) describes her jazz steps and own routines at 11 years without anything but counting the brats orally and describing the spaces she goes to. Always wanted to see what ballet (looks like). Have you knowledge of Sculthorpes music written in stripes of parallel colours covering the progression. A US quartet can work from the rolls while he flies there for performances. Went to a Easter seminar of his in country New South Wales in the 1980s. It rained but we didn’t care! Thanks so much for this one!!

  3. That was “beats” not “brats”, misjudged not checked!

  4. Straight out of my nightmares.

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