Kaspar Hauser | original artworks

One lesser known fact about Kaspar Hauser is that he was an accomplished amateur artist. In fact the use of drawing and painting to “civilize” the foundling constitutes an early example of art therapy. The bizarre first image was apparently executed while Hauser was in a trance state. Elsewhere, conventional fruit and flower studies include a naive still life which could have come from an early 20th century artist, and a chilling depiction of the weapon used by an unknown assailant to attack the boy in 1829.



  1. Do you think the first image was a self-portrait? Added to your gallery from yesterday it wouldn’t be all that out of place.

    • I do believe you’re right, though it unnerves me to look at it for too long. How does one draw oneself if one has apparently been living in a cell with no human company (and presumably no mirror, or art materials) for years on end? There is no “fact” about Kaspar Hauser’s life which doesn’t instantly raise about three further questions.

  2. These are quite amazing! And that plum looks exceedingly sexual. Just sayin’.

  3. These are great! Where did you get them from?

    • Thanks for the comment – they come from a German book published in 1995 called ‘Das Kind von Europa’, an exhaustive study of documentation, literature and images relating to Kaspar Hauser.

  4. I don’t have a website as such but you can always find me in Google UK and type my name in the Google box. From there you’ll be able to see many headings about me. To see the photos, click on images.
    I love Kaspar’s drawings. He was such a gifted young man. I’m. Great Fan of Kaspar Hauser. I was in Ansbach last July 2012 for the KHF.

  5. Paintings


  6. Paintings

    Danke Kasper Hauser für deine Tollen Zeichnungen du bist ein Genie gewesen, und der Sohn der Königin! Deshalb sind die Kinder Särge verschwunden! Alles KLAR!!!!

  7. What is the original source of the images?

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