Pan’s people

Rosaleen Norton and Sir Eugene Goossens: two names entwined in glorious infamy.

There’s something for everyone in the amazing story of the Australian witch and the knighted English conductor: sex rituals, pornography, drugged trances, Pan worship and (look away now children!) retired policemen in sensible sweaters. Enjoy!


  1. The most Satanic things here are Rosaleen Norton’s eyebrows!

    • AND she could eat an apple through a cane chair!

      • On an unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to bring this blog to your attention, it deals with people and events you’ll either be familiar with, or will want to be. It seems that the posts are split between French and English. Worth scrolling through…

        Enjoy! xoxo

      • Belated thanks – I’ve been away and just noticed your recommendation. I’m not sure if he’s still blogging but I came across this when I was researching Jacques d’Adelswärd-Fersen (I can’t get enough of that ridiculous name!)

  2. khys

    Seems like the usual witch hunt. I don’t really understand what the crime was. That news presenter should be brought up for scandal mongering.

    • Well exactly. As they point out, you can’t outrage public morals (a ridiculous charge anyway) if the public don’t actually see the material in question. It’s a victimless crime without the crime. But Australia in the late 1950s was not the most enlightened place in the world.

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