A star, at last

Back in February, you might recall we looked at a rare living subject on Strange Flowers – Dusseldorf-born actress Luise Rainer, the oldest Oscar laureate, the first person to win back-to-back Oscars and the only German actress to win one at all.

You might also recall the puzzling anomaly that this much-lauded German émigré was as good as unknown in her homeland, and that she had been repeatedly passed over for recognition on Berlin’s “Boulevard der Stars” which salutes outstanding achievement in the German-speaking film industry.

I’m very pleased to say that the Boulevard der Stars organising committee yesterday announced that Rainer will be honoured with a star on 5 September. Thought it’s uncertain if the 101-year-old London-based actress will make it to the ceremony, it’s a very welcome and long overdue accolade. Congratulations to my friend Paul Baylay who lobbied for a year to make this happen. Here’s the announcement – it’s in German but there’s a great picture of a beaming Rainer receiving the news.

And in further being-101 news, I am delighted to say my darling grandmother today attains that impressive milestone.


  1. Christopher Hallam

    May I be the first to congratulate her, and you for unearthing her buried reputation…I’m partial to a little digging myself.


  2. How wonderful for Miss Rainer! And best wishes to your grandmother, undoubtedly a star in her own right.

  3. Lynne Ruicens

    Liebe Jamie,
    Dein Vater hat mir deinen ‘Blog’ geschickt und ich habe ihn (sie?es?) mit Interesse gelesen. Ich kenne diese Deutsche Schauspielerin nicht aber schoen dass she endlich eine Belohnung fur ihre Kunst bekommt. Schoen auch dass sie 101 Jahre erreicht hast – wie auch deine Grossmutter!
    Your German is certainly better than mine by now. I do try to speak once a week in a U3A group and am currently reading a book in German about the Mendelssohn family compiled by Fanny’s son. It consists of letters and diaries and is enormously interesting. I think Felix was a celebrity/superstar of his era and he’s got me in! Gorgeous guy.
    Tschuess , viele Gruesse von Lynne

    • Hallo Lynne! Schön dass du vorbeigeschaut hast, und danke für deinen Kommentar. In Berlin gibt es ein Museum der Familie Mendelssohn, aber es bezieht sich lediglich auf die späteren Generationen, d.h. von den interessantesten Familienmitgliedern (Moses, Felix, Fanny) keine Spur. Viel Spaß und viel Erfolg noch bei deinen Deutschstudien!

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