A German miscellany

Weimar Berlin is an era of apparently inexhaustible fascination, and the documentary just shown on German TV about cabaret of the time didn’t disappoint. Highlights included Lotte Lenya singing a mesmerising “Seeräuber Jenny”, a rare glimpse of Valeska Gert‘s infamous grotesque dances as well as lots of contemporary footage putting the stage culture of the time in social and political context. The programme can be viewed online for the next seven days; even if you don’t speak German the visuals more than compensate.

There was no mention of Anita Berber, a strange omission if you’re looking at performers in Weimar Berlin, but there is a film about her in production. It’s being directed by Torsten C. Fischer, responsible for, among other things, a bio-pic about Romy Schneider.

Oddly enough I also heard a piece on the radio today about another Strange Flower of German origin, Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. And while we’re throwing Germanic names around in random fashion I should mention there’s a new book (German only) about Hermann Pückler-Muskau, specifically his relationship with the slave girl Machbuba (who apparently has her own blog. Which is nice.). Oh, and a new exhibition about the eccentric 19th century German prince at his Muskauer Park estate. Finally, if you wanted to pick up an original illustration by Alastair, there’s one for sale for 17 and a half Gs (à propos of nothing my birthday is in November).

That’s all. As you were.



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