XIIDX: because really, there’s nothing better on

Introducing: the Strange Flowers XII Days of Xmas Film Festival, a.k.a. XIIDX.

…a.k.a. a bunch of videos I’m going to cue up for while I’m doing something Christmas-y. Or not.

Keep coming back over the next 12 days and meet characters real and fictional, dead or alive who embody the spirit of Strange Flowers. But be warned I reserve the right to go completely off-topic and just show you a whole lot of stuff which I like and which I believe will help you through this most trying time of the year. I’ll keep the commentary to a minimum, except where I believe it will enhance your enjoyment. There will be extracts from feature films which is a bit of a tease, but I hope to inspire you to seek them out in their full-screen, full-length glory.

So while you’re consuming your bodyweight in dead bird, contemplating the wisdom of mixing raw egg and alcohol and/or wondering if that person halfway down the table really is your cousin or just some blow-in getting a free meal by capitalising on your lack of interest in/knowledge of your extended family, come back and enjoy the strange, fabulous, terribly butch audiovisual spectacular that is XIIDX.

And Merry Christmas.

Oh, and something for Christmas Eve before that all kicks off:


  1. Naughty Nicky

    you are such a pervert

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