If I may direct your gaze over here to the LA Review of Books, you can read my discussion with Amanda DeMarco about her outstanding translation of Franz Hessel’s Walking in Berlin, the classic account of Weimar flĂąnerie which has just been released in the US by MIT Press.

While we’re drawing attention to ourselves, I’m also very pleased to announce that I will be contributing an essay to W. C. Bamberger’s forthcoming translation of Oscar A. H. Schmitz’s Hashish through the ever inspiring Wakefield Press. The original was published in 1902, but this edition will come with illustrations by the author’s brother-in-law, Alfred Kubin, which appeared in a deluxe 1913 edition. My afterword will explore the Decadent influences on Schmitz’s twisted, lascivious, Satanic tales.

More news to come!



  1. Congrats James this is wonderful. Do you know Jamie James’s work at all? I met him last month when he was visiting. Wrote the glamour of strangers? Nice guy I suspect you two would have a lot to talk about😏

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    • How funny you should mention it – I previewed that book at the beginning of last year and have had it on my to-read shelf for a few months and was planning to finally dive into it when I go on holiday next week. Looking forward to it!

  2. James

    I wish the UK edition had that cover

  3. Somehow I ended up on this page and thought I’d say hey!

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