All hail the President!

Raymond Roussel

Raymond Roussel, that is, born 140 years ago today and accorded the title of “President of the Republic of Dreams” by Louis Aragon. A “Raymond Roussel Society” was formed last year by John Ashbery and others to promote the work of the eccentric French writer and “all those that question the world around them and are unafraid to experiment and challenge society’s standards and rules”.

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  1. What this American wouldn’t give for Raymond Roussel to be president of the US instead. (Or Rosalind Russell, especially in Auntie Mame mode.) Roussel’s description of Mussolini as “very simple and very kind” being equally inapplicable to the Great Pumpkin Fascist, that’s one more reason I’m marching tomorrow.

  2. Auntie Mame for President – what a magnificent idea! I’ve probably watched Auntie Mame more often than any other movie, most recently on Christmas Eve. Well done for fighting the good fight – the horrors of 2016 will take time and energy to work through but we will come out the other side.

  3. John Kuhlman

    What a sublimely strange man he was.

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