Moondog’s century

Just a quick post to say happy birthday to composer, street poet and Norse marauder manqué Moondog, born as Louis Thomas Hardin, Jr. in Marysville, Kansas 100 years ago today. Moondog spent the last 25 years of his life in Germany, and there are a number of events celebrating his century, including this one in Münster, where Moondog died in 1999. The Viking of 6th Avenue, the forthcoming documentary about his life I mentioned some time ago, is still forthcoming (sadly I’ve mislaid the excellent t-shirt that came as a Kickstarter reward – last seen in the South African desert). Here’s a reminder of what we can expect:


  1. sfm153

    Had the privilege of meeting him when he was staying on a friend’s Barge off Staten Island in ’69. As remarkable as his image and work. Didn’t like the paper with measles (Braille) and made his own clothing. Got around without a cane or seeing eye dog. Wonderful voice!

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