Happy 230th to the guy on the left (Hermann von Pückler-Muskau) and happy 6th to the blog blurted out at highly irregular intervals by the guy on the right (um…me).



  1. Ellie Payne

    Wishing you many more happy anniversaries. I always look forward to your blogs; I do not mind waiting
    for new and exciting blogs as they are always very rewarding.

  2. Big Sister

    Many happy returns Strange Flowers.
    Love from the Antipodes xx

  3. Marc Ellis

    Happy 6th anniversary. Long may you continue this erudite, entertaining and educational blog. I am an assiduous reader and a huge fan.

  4. Many happy returns on the gay!

  5. Many thanks James for the most riveting blog, indeed the only one I follow

  6. thombeau


  7. Skinny Vinnny

    This corner of the web is an exquisite one.

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