The nameless soldier

Claude Cahun

Seventy years ago today, artists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore (born, respectively, Lucy Schwob and Suzanne Malherbe) were arrested by German officers on the occupied island of Jersey where they had lived since 1937, charged with distributing anti-Nazi propaganda. The self-portrait above, taken after Liberation, shows Cahun with a piece of Nazi insignia between her teeth. Below, an example of their home-made leaflets (“What man has the right to sacrifice a people to save a government?/The revolution in Germany…definitely! And the longer the war, the longer and more confused the inevitable revolution, the more our women and children will suffer./The nameless soldier/Please pass on”). Read more about Cahun and Moore’s Jersey years here (PDF).




  1. thombeau

    I think Cindy Sherman should do an homage to this photo. It would just be right.

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