Various | portraits of René Crevel

In the words of Salvador Dalí, fellow Surrealist René Crevel had “the sullen, deaf, Beethovenesque, bad-angel face of a fern shoot”. Dalí was just one of numerous artists to capture the French writer’s compelling features, from the great Belle Époque portraitist Jacques-Émile Blanche to the godfather of artsy homoerotic photography, George Platt Lynes. Crevel’s father hanged himself while Crevel was still a teenager, and suicide was a recurring preoccupation of his writings. Tormented by illness and addiction, troubled by his sexuality and tossed about by the ideological cross-currents of Surrealism, Crevel took his own life on this day in 1935.

Crevel by Berenice Abbott

Berenice Abbott

Crevel by Dora Maar

Dora Maar

Crevel by George Platt Lynes

George Platt Lynes

André Dürst

André Dürst

Crevel Christian Bérard

Christian Bérard

Crevel Jacques Émile Blanche

Jacques-Émile Blanche

Crevel Man Ray 1

Man Ray

Crevel Rogi André

Rogi André

Crevel Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí

Tchelitchew Crevel

Pavel Tchelitchew

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  1. thombeau

    I have such a crush on him! The fact that he and Klaus Mann were a thing is simply too much to ponder.

  2. Excellent. My favorite suicide note of the dadaists and surrealist suicides.

  3. So beautiful. What was it about certain Creative Young Men that allowed them to look so unaffected, despite the ascots and pursed lips they stole from their elders to dress up with?

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