Felix Austria


Strange Flowers has a lot of love for this Wurst-ed portrait of Sissi reflecting the stirring events of the weekend (found here, but it’s unclear whom we should thank for the image…I will update here if I find out).


  1. As one of the few odd Americans who love Eurovision (how much, do you ask? I have Verka Seduchka on iTunes!) and a huge fan of genderfuck, I was sooo pleased with this year’s winner! Thank you so much for passing along both the article and the new Conchita-fied Sissi! 😀

    • So glad you like it! I thought it was a good song as well (although I was worried Conchita was gonna need a gurney as the points came in). None of which explains why – two days later – I can’t get the so-so German entry out of my head.

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  3. I used to be a hardcore Barbie collector but gave it up in disgust at the rampant fraud in the late 90’s collector’s market. However, i’ve been slowly seduced back into the fold of late–for all that I can no longer afford such an expensive, pointless hobby–and as soon as I saw that there’s an Empress Sissi Barbie, I immediately thought of you, and this post. Would that I had the financial wherewithal to get this doll and have her modified accordingly! (Though I can settle for the Conchita Barbie, which went onto my ‘omg waaant’ Pinterest board the instant I saw her.)

    • Barbie collector intrigue – I love it! I received the Conchita “as told to” autobiography from a kind friend. I’ve only dipped in so far. Oh, and if you haven’t yet encountered Glööckler (yes, that’s two o umlauts), RUN don’t walk to a Google image search.

      • I have gone to Google and…wow. Words fail. Though I’m astonished and disappointed that Pierre et Gilles have evidently never worked with him–he seems like a perfect subject for them. I also was amused at one description of him being both Liza Minnelli and David Gest at the same time!

        I also am finally replying to your comment because I wanted to check on you after what happened in Berlin yesterday; as soon as I saw the news, my thoughts flew to you. Hoping that you and yours are safe, healthy and happy!

      • There’s even a Glööckler Monopoly set – the mere existence of Glööckler Monopoly money is something that makes me happy (and yes, thanks for your concern, we’re still here!)

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