Felix Austria


Strange Flowers has a lot of love for this Wurst-ed portrait of Sissi reflecting the stirring events of the weekend (found here, but it’s unclear whom we should thank for the image…I will update here if I find out).


  1. As one of the few odd Americans who love Eurovision (how much, do you ask? I have Verka Seduchka on iTunes!) and a huge fan of genderfuck, I was sooo pleased with this year’s winner! Thank you so much for passing along both the article and the new Conchita-fied Sissi!😀

    • So glad you like it! I thought it was a good song as well (although I was worried Conchita was gonna need a gurney as the points came in). None of which explains why – two days later – I can’t get the so-so German entry out of my head.

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