Enemy of the average


Ganna Walska, who abandoned a fitful singing career to tend her spectacular garden, Lotusland, hung up her pruning gloves 30 years ago today. Whether conquering opera houses, collecting jewellery or constructing water features, Walska never did things by halves, declaring herself an “enemy of the average”.

An exhibition at Lotusland is celebrating the estate’s erstwhile chatelaine until 17 May. Unfortunately you’re too late for tickets to the lecture on Walska and kindred spirit, maximalist designer Tony Duquette. Now there was a pair who knew rocks. And gardens. And rock gardens, as it happens.

S(h)elf-promotional aside:

I’m normally a memophobe but I can really get behind the idea of the shelfie, i.e. photos of people’s bookshelves. There should certainly be a lot more of them on dating profiles. Wouldn’t you rather know what your potential mate reads rather than what s/he looks like gurning into a bathroom mirror? (And if they have no books? I’m with John Waters on this one.)

Anyway, all of this is by way of saying that the wonderful German-language Philea’s Blog, which celebrates reading, travel and associated pleasures, has a post today which takes a look at the Strange Flowers research stack. Check it out!



  1. vanessadelarosa

    Love the idea of a shelfie.

  2. (gasp) The Strange Flowers nerve center!

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