Max Klinger | Ein Handschuh

Over the weekend I caught a series of lithographs by Max Klinger in Leipzig. Klinger was born in the city in 1857, and worked in various media, including oils, sculpture and numerous methods of printmaking. More or less any of his pieces will reveal its oddities if viewed long enough, but sometimes they come closer to the surface. The artist is seen as a key link between Symbolism and Surrealism, a connection most evident in the ten prints which constitute Ein Handschuh (A Glove). The dream imagery and object fetishism of this 1881 cycle, particularly the celebrated second lithograph, lend a profound psychological dimension to the story of a lost (g)love.

Ein Handschuh 1 Ort

Ort (Place)

Ein Handschuh 2 Handlung

Handlung (Action)

Ein Handschuh 3 Wünsche

Wünsche (Yearnings)

Ein Handschuh 4 Rettung

Rettung (Rescue)

Ein Handschuh 5 Triumph

Triumph (Triumph)

Ein Handschuh 6 Huldigung

Huldigung (Homage)

Ein Handschuh 7 Ängste

Ängste (Anxieties)

Ein Handschuh 8 Ruhe

Ruhe (Repose)

Ein Handschuh 9 Entführung

Entführung (Abduction

Ein Handschuh 10 Amor

Amor (Cupid)



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