Pearls: Lotti Huber


I’m not the old, wise woman who keeps a respectable distance from life. I take risks, I provoke, I want to be in the thick of things. Yes, for me life is a magnificent voyage and certainly not a waiting room. Any time is my time.

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  1. Angie K Walker

    Reblogged this on Salty Pinches and commented:
    This post from “Strange Flowers”, a blog I read regularly, seemed to go really well with my Doughnut post. Instead of the Lady of Shallott looking through her mirror at life, here we have the opposite, a woman advocating jumping into the thick of life. I re-blogged it to confuse anyone who thinks my blogs can be read as pure autobiography!! And thank you to Strange Flowers for finding so many interesting artists to share….

  2. Angie K Walker

    Hi, Great posts! Hi re-blogged this one, hope that’s OK.

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