Summer leaves


So, that was summer. At this equinoctial tipping point, we here at Flowers Towers look back on a season filled with a lot of work and a sorely needed holiday spent in contemplation of azure waters and very little else. That didn’t leave much time to tend the beds here, so apologies for the fitful posts and poor response time. Hopefully the autumn will be more productive.

Speaking of autumn, and because I can’t think of anything which better expresses the brief, evanescent beauty of human existence and its fleeting, fragile consolations than Nat King Cole singing “Autumn Leaves”, here’s Nat King Cole singing “Autumn Leaves” (view here if you don’t see it embedded below):



  1. Barbara Remington

    oh, how l missed you. You have no idea what pleasure you give to me and to very special choice people l send you on to. Thank you for your Strange Flowers,, some of them blooms l have known in my 85 years. Barbara Remington

    Barbara Remington Sent from my iPad

  2. victor barcy

    dear James, your posts – however infrequent or not they may be – are always a welcome treat. Your blog is certainly the most fascinating, esoteric and deliciously wicked on the web, and many of us wouldn’t want to be without it. Who else can write with such ease and authority from Pierre Loti to Elisabeth of Austria to some long-forgotten artist? Please don’t abandon us – we are grateful for every crumb! Best from Mitte, Victor

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