The Wormwood Star


Great news via { feuilleton }: The Wormwood Star, Curtis Harrington‘s incredibly rare 1956 film tribute to (oc)cult artist Marjorie Cameron is available online, taken from a recent DVD release of Harrington’s short-form work. There is little in the 10-minute film beyond close-ups of Cameron’s artwork, magick accoutrements and her own extraordinary features (the midway point in a morph between Rosaleen Norton and Yootha Joyce). But these images meld with a recitation of her own incantatory poetry to spellbinding effect. Four years earlier Cameron’s occultist rocket scientist husband Jack Parsons met his unfortunate end, and in the interim she had appeared in Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome.

Here, then, is The Wormwood Star (click here if you don’t see the video embedded below):


  1. See Curtis Harrington talk about Cameron on “Cinderella of the Wastelands” on YouTube.

  2. Read the story of Jack Parsons in the book Sex and Rockets here:

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