Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach | paintings

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach was born in Germany in 1851. His slim store of posthumous recognition clings mainly to his role in lifestyle reform which saw him uncannily prefiguring the Aquarian 1960s before the 20th century had even begun. That Diefenbach was also a compelling painter of figures in conflict and/or harmony with great swirling sea- and landscapes is less often remembered. The artist believed that society had gone astray by turning its back on nature, simplicity and mysticism; celestial censure comes in the recurring depiction of a seriously ticked off God.

Fragen an die Sterne
Geige spielender Knabe
Möwe vor den Klippen von Capri 1901
Reigen im Weltall
Sphinx 1896
Sterbender Hirsch
The Colossi of Memnon in a Sandstorm
Weiße Grotto 1913
Der Rettung
Du sollst nicht töten

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  1. Linda Hollander

    My goodness, these are quite stunning. Rathter like Blake, some of them, n’est ce pas?
    But others…so timeless and ethereal. Never heard of this guy, thanks for these. You never fail to amaz, amuse, enlighten, and often all at once!

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  4. fannillc

    My grand mother has two paintings with a Diefenbach signature. Could it be the same artist? Thank you

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