Dress-down Friday: Vali Myers

Vali Myers Ed van der Elsken

Vali Myers with Foxy the fox by Ed van der Elsken

Vali Myers was born in Sydney on this day in 1930.

In her lifetime Vali outbeat the beatniks, freaked out the freaks and impressed Jean Genet with her maquillage. Now, over a decade after her death, she is apparently having a fashion moment.

There’s more visual inspiration from Myers and her imitators at the comprehensive Vali Myers Witch of Positano, and a tribute to her style at Worn Through.

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  1. Dear Strange
    I always have mixed emotions about these ‘moments’. We are all of us ephemeral, but the way fashion chews on the corpses of icons makes one feel as though everyone is edible and when the meal is over ultimately disposable.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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