Paris is burning


Society aesthete Baron de Redé died nine years ago, and so he was spared the sight of his life’s work, the preservation of Paris’s Hôtel Lambert, going up in flames early this morning. The town palace, situated on the Île Saint-Louis, was built by Louis Le Vau, who also created Louis XIV’s Versailles (that’s a lotta Louis). Once inhabited by Voltaire, the Lambert had been undergoing a controversial restoration for its new owners, members of the Qatari royal family, which at least meant that no-one was in the building at the time.

More on the Lambert, the baron, his parties and his memoirs.


  1. That is sad news indeed. I had the privilege to visit Paris a few years ago and I’m sad to say I didn’t have the opportunity to visit this hotel (I only had one week!). At least no one was injured but I hate to think about all the beautiful treasures that are now only a pile of ashes.

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