Hidly-ho neglectereenos!

Apologies – posts have been a little light on of late (as ever the so-called real world is to blame). But in case you’re viewing this through Google Reader, remember that Strange Flowers could disappear from your life altogether unless you switch to another RSS feed reader. Google Reader will – for reasons best known to Google Reader – be no more from 1 July (that’s Monday).

There are a number of alternative services; personally I’ve found feedly to be an (as-yet) angst-free option*, which allows you to simply migrate all your feeds without doing anything much beyond the few quick steps required to set up a free account.

And if none of this makes any sense to you whatsoever, then you probably have nothing to worry about. But so this isn’t a completely wasted post, have this picture of Pierre Loti in his circus scanties on me:

Pierre Loti

Bon weekend!

* UPDATE: although not being able to view Google Alert results in the same place as blogs is far from ideal


  1. violet shears

    Thank you, had no idea about google’s pland or feedly. Would have been disappointed to miss Strange Flowers.

  2. Ha! No man I know would wear THAT outfit with THAT ease!

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