Alfred Pearse | de Rougemont illustrations

English artist Alfred Pearse had to exercise considerable powers of imagination to illustrate Louis de Rougemont’s tales of antipodean adventure, first published in The Wide World Magazine in the late 19th century. After all, he’d never been marooned on a desert island, gone into battle with Aboriginal tribes or been worshipped as a white god. But then neither had their author – despite his protestations to the contrary – and that didn’t stop him penning articles to that effect which were expanded to become The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont in 1899. Pearse’s illustrations are very much in a Boy’s Own style – unsurprisingly he also provided images for the Boy’s Own Paper. Slightly more surprising: Pearse was an early feminist and designed posters for the Suffragettes.

LdR 193
LdR 245
LdR 275
LdR 339
LdR 353
LdR 363
LdR 379
LdR 16
LdR 63
LdR 75
LdR 171
LdR 187

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  1. Annelieke Wassenaar

    By chance I found an incomplete publication of the book in Dutch. In it numerous illustrations signed A.P., A.Pearse, and/or Alf Pearse. Some of them are co-signed by H.Fitzner Davey, who seemed to have been an engraver. The text of the book is printed in black, the illustrations are in red. Would this be of any interest to anybody?

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