I’m always amazed how themes seem to come together here without, it would appear, human intervention.

Just a few days ago the above quartet landed together on the main page. Two guys and two gals puffing away; it’s like an Abba reunion sponsored by Philip Morris. Now, I’m a lifelong asthmatic who’s never had a cigarette in his mouth and I’ve seen the suffering that smoking-related diseases can wreak, so please don’t imagine I am advocating cigarettes by posting these pictures.

In any case it’s a personal choice and I believe adults make the best choices when you treat them like adults (although wasn’t it Fran Lebowitz who said that smoking is “the entire point of being an adult”?). And so I certainly don’t agree with the revisionism involved in censoring vintage images of smoking. We may now be far more aware of the dangers associated with tobacco but we should also, I believe, respect the self-presentation of those who came before us.

There, I’ve got that off my chest.



  1. Like a lot! As a fresh non-smoker I hope with all my heart and especially my mind not to convert into one of those aggressive ex-smokers ; )

  2. It used to be considered chic and emancipated for women to be seen smoking. Tried it in my late teens but found I couldn’t do anything but cough and felt stupid. Although B. Davis and others made it look easy on the screen. Getting high in the 60s was about the only way to smoke anything. Haven’t had one for years and don’t miss it. Although Proust could write pages about the pleasures. Almost enough to make you want one. No censorship – just common sense and self-love which seems to be in short supply given how over weight, out of shape and sick people are.

  3. If only candy cigarettes could look so cool.

  4. Barbara Remington

    James Conway (a. k. a. wheeze) you are a wonder!

    Barbara Remington Sent from my iPad

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