Elisàr von Kupffer | paintings

Well…it was a given that we’d be returning to camp mystic Elisàr von Kupffer. The Baltic German artist, born on this day in 1872, used his canvasses to explore his own quasi-Christian religion known as Clarism. And although his utopian visions are peopled by slightly androgynous ephebes, their ritualistic poses suggest not so much an orgy as a clothes-optional Rosicrucian jamboree. Even in works not labelled as self portraits, Kupffer’s own features predominate.

Prinz Carneval 1914
San Sebastian
Self portrait 2
Self portrait 1917
Self portrait
The Ascension 1911
The New Covenant 1915 16
Three Souls
Aufbahrung 1940

Further reading
Dress-down Friday: Elisàr von Kupffer


  1. I can’t tell if these are way ahead of their time or if we’re still years away from catching up to them.

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