The Fall of the House of Witte

König Otto

Recently we looked at the supposed birth of American poet Charles Henri Ford, something which didn’t in fact happen in 1913 as he claimed, but five years earlier.

Speaking of things which didn’t happen 100 years ago, February 19, 1913 saw the “end” of the Witte dynasty as German carnie Otto Witte surrendered the crown of Albania. His short-lived and, indeed, entirely fictitious reign had “begun” just five days prior. Living out his exile in Berlin, Witte survived as a human curio, one of the city’s “Originale”, eccentrics who stood out from their fellow citizens through some quirk of appearance, behaviour or back story. Witte always maintained that the fanciful sequence of events which ended up with him on the Albanian throne did actually take place, although there was no corroborating testimony whatsoever. Recording his account as memoir, it fell to others to gently shepherd his kingship back to fiction where it belonged.

Otto Witte



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