So long…

Rudolf de Montesquiou

After a busy year, Strange Flowers is taking a break until some time in January. Ray, Robert the red-nosed aesthete and I all wish you a safe, calm and joyful holiday season and thank you for your interest throughout 2012. It means a lot.



  1. My mailbox will be so much the lesser without your fascinating, delightful entries…but particularly after all this hard work, you certainly deserve have a wonderful time on this holiday break, as well as throughout 2013! 🙂

  2. sunbad

    And to you too, James! At first, I had a very sinking feeling of foreboding you might be bidding a permanent farewell. I’m so glad it’s just a thoroughly deserved break. Thank you so much for all your excellent work and wonderful blog. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my trawls through the web. Wishing you a very happy and safe and even weiĂźe Weihnacht and look forward to more fascinating posts in the new year.

  3. Thank you, dear James, for lots of interesting articles! I hope to read you soon again & wish you a very merry time and a wonderful new year!

  4. Carolyn Holmes

    I happened upon your blog about a year ago when I googled ‘Nancy Cunard’. I’ve been hooked ever since. Thank you and enjoy your holiday!

  5. Aida Ghazar

    Thank you so much for the interesting articles,I will miss you! wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

  6. Joyous Christmas, James! Thank you for keeping these wonderfully strange and obscure people alive! I’ve shared many of your blog posts on my FB page. Kindly, Cate Lombardo

  7. Thank you for posting such wondrous, interesting and always inspiring stuff! Have a good time this Christmas and happy new year!

  8. Thanks everyone…peace and bloglove to all!

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