Aspects of Evan

Aspects of Evan

So after reporting recently that there is a book coming next year about Evan Morgan, it appears that another book has slipped in to become the first biography of the strange, shadowy aristo-poet who died over 60 years ago. From the summary for Aspects of Evan: The Last Viscount Tredegar by Monty Dart and William Cross:

Evan Morgan, poet, artist, and escapist, the last Viscount Tredegar shocked his way through  Eton, Oxford, Rome, North Africa, Bali, Canada and America. The Bright Young Things of London’s Café Royal Society toasted him in aphorisms. Ogling dowagers indulged him whilst his straight-laced  huntin, shootin a’ fishin family, with Royal vestiges was shaken by his escapades. In the Great War he dodged rat-infested trenches on account of a weak chest, the bain (sic) of his existence. Claiming he was renouncing pleasure and his birthright, he turned to mysticism and Roman Catholicism, studying at Beda College, Rome, whilst acting as a Papal Chamberlain at the Vatican.

Despite being gay Evan attracted iconic women and saw off two wives. He transformed the austere family pile of Tredegar House in South Wales for rave weekend parties and black magic rituals. Footmen in powdered wigs received houseguests from Hollywood stars to the Satanist Aleister Crowley.  Evan’s fall (like Lucifer) came after his Court Martial under the Official Secrets Act in 1943. His health crumbled, as did his family’s fortune. Here for the first time is a unique insight into Evan’s eventful world of eccentricity, travel and adventure. There will never be another Evan Morgan.

More details here.



  1. How magnanimous of you to mention our book on Evan Morgan, the last Viscount Tredegar, much thanks. Your blog is always a good place to find quixotic characters, of which Evan was one of the very best examples during his scandalous time on earth. In the sprit of the festive season Book Midden Publishing would be pleased to offer a free copy of Aspects of Evan, the Last Viscount Tredegar on a first come first served basis to any interested visitor to your blog from the UK, between now and 31 December. Contact

    All blessings to the bloggers of the world at Christmas.

  2. Alysa

    Quote: “There will never be another Evan Morgan”! Luckily so!

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