Wilson Bentley | snowflake photographs

So *deep sigh* it’s that time of year again as colours bleed away, the dark becomes darker and you can’t leave the house without a 10 minute exercise in self-mummification. But Berlin has just had its first proper snowfall of the season and waking up to see familiar surrounds under a First Communion veil never gets tired. And if you need reminding of the individual miracle in each of those falling crystals, American snowflake photographer Wilson Bentley‘s your man.

Wilson Bentley 4
Wilson Bentley 5

Wilson Bentley 6

Wilson Bentley 7

Wilson Bentley 8

Wilson Bentley 9

Wilson Bentley 11

Wilson Bentley 10

Wilson Bentley 12

Wilson Bentley 1

Wilson Bentley 3

Wilson Bentley 2

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