…years, that is. As in: Strange Flowers, something that started out as a brief experiment in biographical marginalia in late October 2009, has somehow carried on for 1,096 days. The fact that the 500th post milestone is also looming is a reminder that there were significant stretches in those three years when posting daily was impossible, and it looks like another of those periods of involuntary bloglessness is nigh. Sigh. But that’s a thought for tomorrow. For today, Prussian party prince Pückler-Muskau (that’s him above) and the blog currently fluttering in front of your eyeballs will be celebrating their respective birthdays.

Early November will find me dangling precariously from the edge of Europe. I’ll line up some posts but forgive me if my comment response time is poor (a guilty conscience compels me to amend that to “even poorer than usual”). If I owe you a mail and you’re reading this…my apologies.

Next week will be another theme week…but more on that on Sunday. Mea culpas duly dispensed, it remains only for me to say:

thank you for your interest.


  1. I hope you have cake!

    But seriously, many happy returns.

  2. Madeleine

    Congratulations on flying through to the three year mark and providing so much enjoyment to us from the cast cabinet of human curiosities. Trusting there’ll be many more years to come.
    Enjoy your dangling on the edge of Europe.

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