Weimar ghosts

In the middle of modern-day Berlin a relic of the city’s 1920s cabaret culture has just awoken. Next to the Bauhaus swimming pool where I used to do laps when I first moved to Berlin, the “Kolibri-Festsäle und Kabarett” has emerged, if not unscathed then at least salvageable. Forgotten for decades, it survived the war and somehow eluded the attention of property developers who transformed the surrounding neighbourhood after reunification.

More information and images from this amazing discovery here (with thanks to Brendan for the pointer.)


  1. How very cool!

    Here in Chicago we have a few old theaters that have been shuttered for years, various renovation schemes having collapsed. They’re fabulous buildings with fantastic potential, and thankfully they’ve yet to meet the fate of most unused buildings here: the wrecking ball. Hopefully something will come of this old gem.

  2. alix cohen

    please identify the performer in the photo!

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