Night Flower

Sometimes topics suggest themselves here, and when that happens I figure I should just get out of the way and let them happen.

And so after Fearless Nadia and Leila Waddell, continuing the theme of extraordinary Australian women allows me to alert you to a highly promising book. Night Flower: The Life and Art of Vali Myers is launched in Melbourne next week. Edited by Martin McIntosh and Gemma Jones, it features contributions from the likes of Donovan, Devendra Banhart and Chris Stein (presumably he of Blondie fame). The location is the Outré Gallery, which will also host artists’ tributes to Vali, including a contribution from my highly talented friend Victoria Mason.

Catch up on the Vali Myers story here.


  1. No accidents James. You are as presenced on the crest of the Wave as you are in the pulse of the Zeitgeist.

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