Franziska zu Reventlow | artworks

Continuing our German theme…Franziska zu Reventlow, who died on this day in 1918, was known as the “Bohemian Countess”, a prominent figure in the progressive, reform-minded milieu based in the Munich district of Schwabing. While Reventlow is best remembered as a writer and translator, she first moved to the city to study art in 1893. The fragments of her artistic output which survive are a modest yet intriguing glimpse into a highly unconventional life.

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  1. Fanny zu! Is the image below the baby a deathbed study? I’m hopeless at interpreting art– is that winged creature a fish? An insect? What the baby grew up to be?

    • Well the dead-looking person is labelled “Sibyllchen Forte”, which I guess is a name but…*clueless face*. The winged creature is apparently a flying fish and the baby is presumably her son Rolf, who if memory serves went on to become a politician.

    • Desiree

      After having an abort one of her twins died immediately and the other one “Sibyllchen” died one or a few days later (if I remember the details right), anyway you’re right, this is a deathbed study Franziska had made of her little baby …

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