An eternal mystery

So I’ve noticed it’s been quite German around here lately, and you know what, I’m just going to run with it. I am very favourably disposed towards my adoptive home now that it’s finally made with the summer. Nine months of winter, a near total absence of cheddar and the most perversely difficult language this side of the Basque country – all of it is forgiven after one swim in the Liepnitzsee.

Speaking of German lakes…(Doctor Smooth Segue is on duty), we saw last month that there is a new film about Bavarian king and noted drowner Ludwig II due out later this year, crowning a century of Ludovican cinema. A teaser trailer has been released, which frankly raises more questions than it answers. While at first (quick) glance it seems at least free of the bloodless box-ticking that characterises many a German historical recreation, it also seems curiously wide of the mark. If you didn’t know the fairy tale king was a fairy you’d never know from this short outing (as it were). Maybe the filmmakers are worried that regal man-on-man action won’t help the film play in whatever the German equivalent of Peoria is.

Anyway, have a look at the trailer here (sorry, I can’t embed it). There’s no dialogue except for Ludwig’s utterance at the end, a variation on his stated wish to remain “ein ewig Rätsel” (“an eternal mystery”).

Update: embedded video below:


  1. Looks like fun! Is it in 3D?

  2. Growling like a rabid wolf when a woman leans in to kiss him might be a clue that the noted drowner (ha) preferred to swim in the man pool, but otherwise, yes, the trailer doesn’t really tell you anything. It looks pretty, and it’s somehow reassuring to know that Warner Brothers splashes out for period pictures between the comic book fluff.

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