Franz von Stuck | graphic work

Along with paintings, sculptures and etchings, German artist Franz von Stuck produced numerous graphic works. These posters, books and magazine covers include a design for the journal Jugend which lent its name to the decorative arts movement Jugendstil. Stuck also determined the look of the Munich Secession, which he co-founded, and later produced a design for the Olympic Games which were scheduled to take place in 1916 in Berlin but were abandoned due to the First World War.



  1. I am a flutist, and the assistant director at the Piedmont Center for the Piedmont, California, near San Francisco, Your concert posters share a certain joie de vivre with the poster art happening now in Japan and Korea. I worked for David Goines in Berkeley, in 1978…. inspired by the Surrealists! Keep posting….we will find you!
    Elizabeth Gaston

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t previously aware of David Goines’ work but I’ve just looked at a few examples which look very interesting.

  2. One hundred years later and Olympic-inspired art looks like this. Sad face.

  3. Though I’m familiar with von Stuck’s paintings, I don’t think that i’ve seen any of these before. They’re wonderful! I’ll bet our friend Mr. Coulthart is a fan.

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