Matoloni | therapy diagrams

I have a thing for old medical textbooks, the more absurd the illustrations the better. In London a few years ago I hit old-medical-textbook paydirt when I found Handbuch der Massage und Heilgymnastik by – and I swear to you dear reader I am not making this up – Dr. Anton Bum. While I can’t claim to have read the Austrian expert’s text, I have delighted in the extraordinary diagrams by a certain Matoloni, which provide instruction on massage and therapeutic gymnastics, late 19th century style. They call it therapy; I call it the Viennese Kama Sutra.


  1. For those of us without access to the Conway Library of Absurdly Illustrated Medical Textbooks, the whole book is viewable here. The hits keep on coming. So to speak.

    • Oh no. The fact that it’s online means there are doubtless many more ridiculous medical textbooks online. I feel productivity slipping away already…

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