Pearls: René Crevel

And what if death were just a word?


  1. What a waste of beauty, poor thing. I’ve never been able to take the Surrealists as seriously as they took themselves.

  2. The quote sounds like a tag from a Dylan ballad.
    I have been thinking of Rene’ all week. After you posted the piece on Barbette I accessed The Qouch and read an essay on Nat Barney and also the essay you cited on Barbette. The writer of both pieces is simply the sloppiest scholar I have ever encountered. Misinformation, particularly concerning Crevel and Breton, abounds. To cite Cocteau as a source or an authority on queer theory is an absurdity cloaked in a risibility. It is very troubling to read such incoherent swill from someone who is pursuing a doctorate. In America a lot of people manage to acquire a degree without ever having to get the benefit of an education.

  3. Jean Cocteau
    “I am a lie that always speaks the truth”.
    …to be half right is still a lie!

  4. Whenever I post a picture of him on my paris/berlin blog, I can’t help but sigh…

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