Pearls: Ganna Walska

I envy all those who are not handicapped by their beauty and rather served by their ugliness, for ugliness inspires sympathy while beauty inspires caution and doubt about morals and serious intent and purpose.

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  1. I envy that kitten. Probably played with strings of pearls the way other kittens played with mice.

  2. I keep thinking about this photo set. Do you by chance recall where you found it?

    • It was a screen shot from Ganna’s memoirs, Always Room at the Top. Through a complicated procedure which still confuses me I got it off but couldn’t view it online, instead having to download it to a reader, then giving it back like a library book. Very odd. I presume it’s not yet in the public domain.

      Thanks for the Pierre Loti pic by the way! I don’t know how to comment on tumblr otherwise I would have (Open Library is evidently challenge enough).

      • When I realized a few months ago that you could borrow e-books from Open Library I about fainted. I lead an exciting life.

        As for tumblr, you can’t comment unless you have an account but I think there are broader commenting systems available to embed on your blog, so I might have a look at them. The Loti drawing was so perfect, I’d love to know more about who created it… Those ethnic dolls clutched to him, playing off his greed to conquer. Or at least his fantasies to conquer.

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