Francis Bruguière | The Way

Algol (1920) may represent dancer Sebastian Droste’s sole feature film performance, but it wasn’t for want of trying. While in New York in 1925, he commissioned photographer Francis Bruguière to create a series of narrative images drawing on the Expressionist aesthetic then in cinematic vogue in Droste’s native Germany. The idea was to attract studio backing and turn the stills into a film (to be titled The Way); the 1920s equivalent of shooting a five-minute trailer to get funding on Kickstarter. The female “lead” was Bruguière’s girlfriend Rosalinde Fuller (a previous squeeze of F. Scott Fitzgerald). It was all in vain; funds were unforthcoming and all that remains of The Way are Bruguière’s photographs.

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  1. From top to bottom, what gorgeous shots. So this is Fitzgerald’s Rosalinde Fuller. Interesting tidbit! The series is quite the tease. I love the outfits, too. Very moody bluesy! Theadora (Another great post!)

  2. This is wonderful, thank you for sharing.

  3. A 1920s Kickstarter campaign, how apt! I’d seen the top image before, floating around in the Internet ether, and always wondered just what it was all about.

  4. James, you never cease to amaze!

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