Un peu de camp

We have an enormous collection of livres de poches. That is your actual French for “posh books”.

Julian & Sandy, Bona Bookshops

In yesterday’s post on Roger Peyrefitte, you may have admired the splendidly kitsch cover illustration for his novel L’exilé de Capri:  an angel boasting a garland of roses around a hairstyle of pudding-bowl persuasion, set against a Tyrrhenian seascape. Just about all of Peyrefitte’s works were issued in paperback form with similarly precious images, and together they form a compelling gallery of the book illustrator’s art from the 1950s to the 1970s. The treatment was remarkably consistent: an amalgam of children’s books, advertising and School of Paris-style portraiture, with multiple offences against haircare. The various editions of Peyrefitte’s first novel, Les amitiés particulières, are beyond camp.


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  1. The ilustration at the top of the page for Les Amities was by Gaston Goor, who collaborated with Peyrefitte for a number of years. Peyrefitte commissioned the artist to do a number of works, some of which he used in his publications. His specialty was paintings of boys, but he did other work as well, including murals at the Ritz in London.

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