End of the enigma

More sad news: Bruno Schleinstein, artist, musician and actor, died yesterday in Berlin at the age of 78.  As previously posted, Schleinstein (more commonly known as Bruno S.) was the star of Werner Herzog’s 1974 film The Enigma of Kaspar Hausar and the later Stroszek. In recent years he had attracted attention for his idiosyncratic art and continued to perform in Berlin.

In 2002 he was the subject of a documentary Bruno S. – Und die Fremde ist der Tod (“Bruno S. – Estrangement is Death”). Unfortunately I couldn’t find a subtitled version of the trailer, but this should give you some insight into an utterly unique individual.

Curiously, just a couple of days ago I finally got round to watching Control, the excellent Anton Corbijn film based on the life of Ian Curtis of Joy Division fame. As the film shows, Curtis watched Stroszek on TV on the eve of his tragically early suicide in 1980.


  1. Stroszek is one of my favorite films and I’m sorry to hear about this man’s death. Anyone interested in the contrast of German and American cultural perceptions, or how people in the margins are treated in any society would do well to watch this film.

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