Where have all the Flowers gone?

Annemarie Schwarzenbach (she's on the left)

Back again. With a question:

What is a Strange Flower?

The common denominators are generally: active sometime in the last 200 years, now dead, in some way eccentric (without being cartoonishly madcap…*shudder*) and relatively obscure.

All of these qualities mean you’re unlikely to find them plastered all over a building site, so it was a pleasant surprise to spy the arresting, androgynous features of Annemarie Schwarzenbach staring from posters in Berlin’s Kreuzberg, advertising an exhibition of photographer Marianne Breslauer I mentioned a while back.

Sorry…that’s not much to show for my absence. Much as I would like to blame it on the Sommerloch, the German equivalent of the Silly Season, I have actually been beavering through the heat on another writing project. But I’ll be back later in the week to celebrate the 150th birthday of the extraordinary Baron Corvo.

See you then…


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