You’re the lucky 100th person to read this blog! No…wait, that’s not right. You’re reading blog post #100!

If you’ve just joined, Strange Flowers is where I explore my obsession with fascinating, dead, mildly obscure, often eccentric personalities of the last 200 years or so. This means butch speedboat racers, fey novelists, thirsty can-can dancers, cross-dressing aerialists, Satanic organists, bad actors, terrible singers, celestial draughtsmen, compulsive narcissists, lobster wranglers, salsa queens, faux kings, made-up monks, mendacious memoirists and the Turkish Liberace (along with more suicidal poets than is strictly healthy).

It might take a little longer to get to 200; having posted daily since October I’m thinking of cutting down the frequency of posts, or making posts generally shorter. Much as I enjoy sharing my gallery of misfits, it takes quite a lot of work to research, write and mark up a post on a different subject each day (who knew?).

Thank you to everyone who has offered commentary, criticism and encouragement. It’s much appreciated.

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