XIIDX day 2: Sad songs, big hair

My favourite genre of music is something I call People With Big Hair Singing Sad Songs in TV Studios with Orchestra Around The Mid-Sixties a.k.a. PWBHSSSTSOAMS. There is probably a more concise description but it will have to do. So as Boxing Day is generally reserved for leftovers and remorse, this is a good time to enjoy these maudlin mini-epics.

First, the Walker Brothers. Let’s see…

Hair: big
Songs: sad
Orchestra: check

Get them in front of a camera and you have the perfect example of PWBHSSSTSOAMS:

Dionne, rocking sadness Stateside:

Dusty. Dusty, Dusty, Dusty. Oh poor Dusty:

Françoise Hardy…OK this is cheating a little bit. Hair? Not so big. But she was so beautiful, and sang such sad songs.

Encore, you say? OK, just one more. Not many people know that Hardy had hits in German as well…here’s one:

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